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Television school in Moscow, Russia

Ostankino School was founded by famous Russian actress Olga Spirkina. The school is based in the heart of the media industry — in the Ostankino television complex.

We’ve worked on:

— research
— logo redesign
— website design
— website development

June 2021
Ostankino Media School
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The Ostankino Film and Television School is located in the TV center of the same name in Moscow. It is the largest in its field. The school was founded and is run by Russian actress Olga Spirkina. Famous actors, politicians and TV presenters teach at the school.

Target audience: young actors and journalists who want to build a career on television. The school turned to us for a complete redesign of the site and development on a new platform.
We carried out a complete analysis of the information structure of the website and reorganized it into a simple system. Before the redesign, the site contained over 300 pages. After simplifying the structure and eliminating uninformative pages, there are 80 pages left on the site. For such a volume of pages, we have created a convenient and understandable navigation. Now users can easily find all the information they need.

We redesigned the site structure and created a completely new visual style. We retained the continuity of the corporate color, but have chosen a modern shade. The blue gradient resembles the glow of a picture tube, and the black and white photographs create the feeling of a movie backstage.
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We have created a system for submitting a wide variety of content: training programs, information about teachers, articles, events and activities, a photo gallery, group and individual lessons.

The new site is equally convenient when viewed from any device.

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