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Little room agency
We love creating special posters with an idea and a story. Here you can read about the concepts of some posters and see the process of creating them.
Dave Matthews Band | Prague, April 2024
The process of creating and producing a unique scented poster on hops paper. The poster had a great success among DMB fans. We are proud of this work and want to share more details about it.
Metallica | Oslo, Norway, August 2024
Metallica oslo poster process
This stunningly detailed ink work took 60 hours to complete. Even we aren't entirely sure how many hands surround the new circular stage!
Jack White | Prague, July 2022
Kafka inspired poster
Jack White | Lewiston NY, August 2022
Tree on fire from within
A poster full of references and hidden details, inspired by an old Polaroid shot of Jack White and a new song from the album Entering heaven alive.
Jack White | Miami FL, September 2022
It once snowed in Miami
We took the incredible story of a snowfall in Miami in 1977 as the basis for this poster. We even managed to meet an eyewitness of this event, and depicted him and his neighbor on the poster.
Rammstein (?) | March 2023
how We failed to interest Rammstein
The story of a project that was created at the beginning of this year, but unfortunately remained unrealized.