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Dave Matthew's Band Prague — Linocut SCENTED

We present a unique SCENTED poster, 100% handmade. That’s right: hops craft paper, linocut, hand printing, artisan watercolor, hand painting. A limited scented version will be available in our store only.

This version of the poster is created using linocut on handmade paper with added hops. Hold this poster up to the sun, and you will see fine specks of this plant. You can also smell the light and pleasant scent of hops. If you are lucky enough to live near a brewery, then this scent is familiar to you :)

We also decided to add light strokes of artisan bronze watercolor paint, which incredibly shimmers in the sunlight, just look at it. Each poster is hand-painted, there are no similar copies.

Delivered in cardboard tube and kraft paper.

All sales final. Please note that color imperfections from manufacturing may be present and colors in real life may differ from the preview on the site. Distorted or faded colors are not a reason for a return or refund. By placing an order, you agree to these terms.

Also, please note that we do not know how the scent of the poster will behave upon delivery. We will do our best to preserve it, but we cannot guarantee it.