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InArt Gallery website design.

InArt is an online platform about Russian contemporary art. Project was founded by Ksenia Podoynitsyna in 2016. The main task of the InArt project is to help navigate the contemporary art market.

We’ve worked on:

— site concept
— design
— user journey map
— copywriting
— intuition gallery idea

August 2020
InArt gallery web
The target audience are the people who are versed in art and have an artistic taste. They are very sensitive to visual and it was very important to make platform looks minimalistic, stylish and elegant.
At the initial stage carried out an analysis of competitors. And according to the results of the work, we can say that we managed to separate InArt from competitors successfully.

The intuitive gallery is a unique solution that no other competitor has. (see below :) )
InArt gallery mobile
The site is accessible and easy to view from any device
For the platform we invented and implemented Intuition gallery. It randomly shows user different artworks after page refreshing.

There’s too small chance to get two similar combinations of artworks. Art is about exploration, so now you can explore art online using luck and your intuition.

You can try it by yourself
Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
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