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Corporate Identity for eco camp Above

Above is eco camp changing location every year. Honestly it is not a usual camp, it can be located anywhere on Earth. The main thing here is the spirit.

You can also create your own Above, if we believe in the same things. So we better should call it not camp, but philosophy.

We’ve worked on:

— idea
— logotype + identity
— photography
March 2020
Eco camp branding
Eco camp branding
This is how eco dream looks like: packaging and badges made from recycled paper, ecologically grow cotton for t-shirts, reusable string bag, handmade notebook and of course natural stuff, that we can collect by ourselves.
Eco camp posters
Eco camp badge
Nature is our passion and I think it’s always a good idea to use nature materials and to get some inspiration from it, especially in that case.
Eco camp shopper bag
and remember that
we are all children of nature