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Exclusive Dave Matthew's Band items
This set includes: a scented version of the Prague hops poster signed by the band on the day of the show and the linocut matrix used to print all 45 AP copies.
Linocut matrix + limited edition poster signed by the band
100% handmade
Hops craft paper, linocut, hand printing, artisan watercolor, hand painting.

This version of the poster is created using linocut on handmade paper with added hops. Hold this poster up to the sun, and you will see fine specks of this plant. You can also smell the light and pleasant scent of hops. If you are lucky enough to live near a brewery, then this scent is familiar to you :)

We also decided to add light strokes of artisan bronze watercolor paint, which incredibly shimmers in the sunlight, just look at it. Each poster is hand-painted, there are no similar copies.
The wonderful Magdalena Lipowiec (Instagram @lipowiec_) spent 60 hours carving this!

The matrix is sold as-is after printing. It has some cracks, but overall, it is in good condition and will make a great addition to your wall.
A linocut matrix
This exclusive set includes the matrix, and a copy of the SCENTED POSTER, SIGNED BY THE BAND and numbered 1/45
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