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Each brand has its own points of contact with the consumer. These are the points at which a person contacts the brand.
Many of them are obvious and simple, for example, a business card, website, packaging. But brand development lies in improvement of the obvious touchpoints and in attention to hidden ones.

If we look at the brand keeping in mind touchpoints approach, it becomes clear what we can improve and what we need to create.

For example, push-pull sign, barista's uniform and barista by herself are important touchpoints for coffee shop.
That's brand talks with customers with the help of window sign.
Our task is to determine the touch points at the development stage, evaluate the existing ones (the product and its packaging) and think over new ones.

Touch points are important because they form chains and influence consumer purchasing decisions and attitude to your brand. If there is a weak point somewhere, it can spoil the impression of the brand, even if the product has excellent quality.

Branding includes determining and analyzing touchpoints. This is a good basis for brand development in the long term. In little room we use that approach in every project we make.
June 27 / 2020

Masha Samokhodkina
Art-director of little room
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