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Targeted advertising
You see such an ad on Facebook and Instagram. Product promotion on Facebook is a really effective tool that, however, can become completely useless in the hands of a person who does it for the first time.
We have the necessary knowledge and competencies to successfully promote your product. We have huge experience in targeting promotion and continue learning everyday. That's why you can be sure in the result.

Our goal is to get the most out of targeted advertising. With the help of strong communication, it is possible to rise product recognition, increase profits, or, conversely, reduce costs. It all depends on the task.

This is how it looks inside
We will show ads to the right users at the right time and the right moment.

Complete clarity
You will know how we spent each crown of the budget.

Long-term strategy
Marketing communication is not a one-day campaign, it is a strategy with a long-term perspective
November 14 / 2020

Egor Mikhailov
Project manager of little room