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for music people

Promo website for Gillette brand awareness campaign

The special project was created in the format of a career marathon, where users can explore four areas of knowledge that will help them find their dream job: sports and nutrition, self-care, personal growth and career development.

September 2021

Web design · Development

Menu for coffeeshop
Project goal

Introduce the audience to a new Gillette product. The site has 4 blocks with video tutorials, memos and articles for self-study.

The site is implemented on Tilda and integrated into hh.ru.
The target action is to pass the test and send an email to receive a prize, depending on the points received for the test.
coffee shop branding
coffee shop branding
After passing the test, the user sends his email and gets a chance to win a prize.

All users who successfully solved the task participated in the drawing of prizes from Gillette