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Idea, Art direction, Illustration

Jack White
poster Lewiston, NY

August 2022

Tree struck by the lightning is on fire from within
Jack White poster Prague 2022 Little room
Jack White poster Prague 2022
The starry sky at the poster shows the exact position of the most observable celestial objects during the show if you looked towards the Artpark stage
"I saw lightning strike this tree in my front yard the night before. It was incredible and terrifying. I was on my front porch just trying to watch the rain but stay out of harm’s way when lightning struck that tree right in front of me about fifty yards away. It’s hard to move when you see something like that."

— Jack White
Jack White with lightning-struck tree
Source: jackwhiteartanddesign.com
Illustration by Nao Zh
Art direction by Masha Samokhodkina
Management by Egor Mikhailov
Printed by Lady Lazarus