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КУЛЬТУРА (Culture).

Branding for a coffee shop in Beloozersk, Belarus.

Culture is a place for warm meetings with family and friends. The most delicious coffee in the city is also brewed here. This is a platform for creative evenings and events.

We’ve worked on:

— research
— branding + positioning
— logo
— corporate identity
— copywriting
— social media design
— brandbook

February 2021
The team turned to us with a noble idea: to create a cozy space in the format of a coffee shop for their hometown. Beloozersk is a small town in the west of Belarus. The main driver of the team is the desire to make a gift to the city and its residents.

“We disagree with those who say that our city has no future. By our own efforts, no matter how difficult it is, we want live in this city and to develop it."

— "Culture" founders Ilya and Tonya.
In positioning development, we came to the concept friends & family.

This is the place for the closest circle, that is, for friends and family. A place to meet, socialize and relax. Philosophy of the "Culture" is expressed in sincerity and openness. The brand promotes everyday aesthetics expressed in simple details. Now every resident of Beloozersk can afford a beautiful breakfast.
Basing on the brand idea, we have created a laconic identity in natural muted colours. The corporate identity is complemented by natural elements and handwritten lettering.

The brand lives in the digital space as well. We have developed for Culture a visual style of communication and content in social networks and the web.
Menu for coffeeshop
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interior in a coffeeshop
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menu for coffee shop
menu for coffeeshop
branding for coffee shop
menu for coffee shop
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